Been bending...

Whoa, its been awhile since my last post. I finished 2 wire pieces and am close on a third, all going to 13 Forest gallery in Arlington MA, the first two were a rowhouse piece and a steam car portrait, here is an in progress on the third…


Lets try a once a week update....

I work pretty slow with the wire pieces, but that pace pales to how long it takes me to draw with pencil. I'm going to try a modest once a week blog post  (with more here and there for extra bits of information) and I'm going to use the progress of this long (oh I mean really, really long) overdue pencil drawing as a way to have something to write about. When I draw with pencil I first outline every shape I see, then go back and fill them all in with different pencil densities like a paint by number. Sometimes I will fill in some shapes here and there to see how things are going but I try to wait until the end, which if current studio availability trends persist, could be some time off.

p.s. I just noticed by mere coincidence that my last (and first ever) blog post was one year and two days ago. Ooops.


Enormous Tiny Art at Nahcotta Gallery

I am participating again in an Enormous Tiny Art show at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth NH. here is a link to my page on the shows website:

There is an opening at the gallery, 110 Congress st in Portsmouth, on September 1st.

see more of the artists in the show: